Trying to get your company off the ground in the U.S.?


Startups today, in order to succeed and get funded in the U.S. need to focus on:

  • Differentiation and Branding

  • Solutions to a real problem

  • team

  • traction

  • Going global vs. local

At Bridges to Italy we know from experience that, well prepared foreign startups will be more likely to grow and succeed in the United States and globally.

That's why we provide a set of the most useful go-to-market services for startups wanting to expand to the U.S. 



What We Can Do For You


Every startup benefits from a mentor.  If you have an idea, a business plan/pitch deck or a full-blown startup and need advice on Design, Data, Marketing, Sales, Distribution and what to do to get ready to enter the U.S. market we can help.   

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Digital Marketing

Whether your budget is $100 or $5,000 we have a package to suit you and help your social media visibility and PR head in the right direction right away. 

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Crowdfunding can be a great way to raise capital for your business. But to truly succeed on it, you need a good strategy.  We can help you develop and manage your crowdfunding campaign.  

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We help you connect with your customers, early adopters and strategic partners in order to get investors' attention, they might even come looking for you.  

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