Domenico Quaglio Now Among the Owners of Cosenza Calcio!

Yesterday, the Mayor of Cosenza, Mario Occhiuto, announced the creation of the newly restructured  "Cosenza Calcio" soccer team that sees among its new owners our own Domenico Quaglio, President of the Italian branch of Bridges to Italy.

Domenico Quaglio, an accomplished corporate attorney and a successful entrepreneur, is very passionate about soccer.  His passion has led him to the VP position in the Rende soccer team and now on the Board of Directors of the reformed Cosenza Calcio soccer team - division D.

Along with Mr Quaglio there are 8 additional Directors from the Calabrian business community: Eugenio Guarascio, CEO of "Ecologia Oggi"Pietro Marchese, businessman in the lamellae field, Ettore Caroselli, involved in healthcare, VincenzoPerri, president of the soccer academy  Real Cosenza, Mario Silletta already president of the team Silana, Carmine Federico, expert in professional training, Massimo Palermo, involved in the finance industry  and Pietro Ventura, entrepreneur in the transportation sector.

We wish Domenico the best in this new venture and many successes to the Team!