Sandra Savaglio at Bridges to Italy in Rende

Sandra Savaglio is a world-known astrophysicist who is currently Senior Scientist at the Max-Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Garching (near Munich). Her research focuses on the investigation of the young universe: cosmic chemical evolution, distant galaxies, intergalactic and interstellar medium. Recently, she specialized in the exploration of the galaxies that host the most energetic events in the universe: the gamma-ray bursts.

Sandra, originally from Calabria, since the opening of Bridges to Italy in Rende last year and the launch of the BRAINS IN MOTION AWARD, has provided full support to our mission donating her time and energies as President of the International Jury Panel which will select the winner of the Award and now as member of our newly formed Advisory Board. Sandra's commitment to our mission demonstrates that, even if sometimes the brains find employment abroad, the heart often stays in the native country.

This week, while vacationing in Calabria, she went to visit the Italian headquarters of Bridges to Italy where she met the President, Domenico Quaglio: the picture above shows that they are both taking advantage of the beautiful Mediterranean summer. Enjoy!