Watch Mike Napoli on TV during "Brains in Motion"

The Italian TV Channel TELECOSENZA covered the workshop on Angel investing led by Mike Napoli, Chairman of Tech Coast Angels, the largest angels investors organization in the United States. The workshop took place at Technest, the newly inaugurated incubator of the University of Calabria. [youtube] Mike Napoli addressed an audience formed by the participants of the Brains in Motion Award, a Bridges to Italy's initiative for Southern Italian technology startups. In lay terms Mr. Napoli explained step by step what, beyond the uniqueness of the innovation, U.S. angel investors seek when evaluating potential investments. Even though, there is much talk about Venture Capital and Angel Investing throughout Italy, it is rare to see someone of the caliber of Mike Napoli come to Italy and especially to the South and establish this type of dialogue and mentoring with the local tech community whose growth is often penalized by a lack of national and international business connections and infrastructure.

Additionally, from Germany, the President of the Jury Panel which will select the winner of the award, Sandra Savaglio, intervened encouraging the young innovators to keep going forward regardless of difficulties and take advantage of opportunities such as this award to increase their visibility and links to the United States. Finally, from Florida, Dr. Sandra Mondello, and her executive team from Banyan Biomarkers as well as the Associate Director of the Sid Martin Biotech Incubator, gave biotech startups some insights on getting funded in the life sciences sector.