Is There a Secret Formula to Transform an Idea into a Startup?


Marco Iusi, Business Development Coordinator at Bridges to Italy, was recently interviewed for the article "FROM IDEA TO STARTUP: THE SECRET"  by the Groundbreaking Winds blog.  His point of view reveals some interesting factors that can make or break the birth of a startup.

In fact, while many people theorize about what it takes to transform an idea into an actual company, Marco, by working with italian innovators who have that exact goal in mind, has found some commonalities across the board.

So, is there a secret formula to take a brilliant idea and turning it into a viable business?

Marco, in this article, illustrates the main elements which seem to help a wannabe entrepreneur in taking an idea to market.  Of course, depending on the nature of the idea, the sector, the state of the economy and the entrepreneur's personality, there can be additional variables involved, but maybe there is a not-so-secret, but often ignored, way of moving forward. READ ON...