Tomorrow's Innovation Starts Yesterday

Giuseppe-De-NicolaItaly has been in a crisis for a few years, for various reasons mostly related to stagnant growth resulting from political paralysis and investor fears over the mountain of debt it has piled up over the years. However, its creative human capital continues to resist and thrive even in the worst of times.

In this environment, Giuseppe de Nicola, from Confindustria Salerno, believing in Italy's potential for recovery and growth through innovation, 7 years ago has created the Premio Best Practices of which Bridges to Italy is one of the US partners, and it facilitates US Market Entry of some of its participants through the UCLA Global Access Program.

This Premio (award) Best Practices  was born with the objective of connecting traditional industry with young innovators in order to create new business opportunities and alternative business models, increase competitiveness and widen companies networks to spur partnerships between established companies and Italian innovative startups.

The blog GROUNDBREAKINGWINDS has recently interviewed the award's founder, Giuseppe De Nicola, to learn more about his ambitious initiative which, right now,  is touring Italy to gather, by its deadline on April 22nd, a wide array of companies from North to South, and have them compete for the final prize in June. Read HERE  this interesting interview to understand why tomorrow's innovation, in Italy, starts yesterday...