Premio Best Practices Unveils a New Breed of Italian Innovators

Giuseppe-De-NicolaYou can't help but be dazzled by the growth of the Premio Best Practices for Innovation created 7 years ago by Giuseppe De Nicola, a dynamic entrepreneur from Confindustria Salerno.

It all started as the dream of a Southern Italian entrepreneur who understood that today's innovation has no boundaries of any kind and, even the most traditional companies, need to be innovative, expand into new markets and collaborate with others because you can't work alone and be just local to survive in today's global economy.

Therefore, the Premio Best Practices' ultimate goal is to enable its participants  to engage and involve the right partners every step of the way, from product conception through research and development, packaging, delivery, etc. uniting traditional SME's and startups in a virtuous process of collaboration, international expansion and productivity increases.

Team BTIWith this in mind, Giuseppe De Nicola has grown the Premio Best Practices into a national award with an international reach.  Cooperating with several organizations and private sponsors throughout Italy, this once Salerno-only initiative has become well-known and well attended throughout Italy from North to South.  Adding as international partners the Lee Iacocca Foundation and Bridges to Italy, it also provides its participants with the opportunity to grow internationally.  In fact, the pace of change of today's economy is faster than ever and companies need to be ready to expand into new markets and find strategic partners and investors in the process and this is greatly facilitated with the support of BTI and the Lee Iacocca Foundation.