Personal Factory Back in L.A. to Learn the UCLA-GAP Project Key Findings

It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we introduce the first Southern Italian company participating in the UCLA Global Access Program:  Personal Factory, founded in Calabria in 2004 by the Tassone brothers, is one of the most remarkable Italian STARTUP success stories of recent times.


In fact, Personal Factory has created a revolutionary GREEN system that moves one of the oldest, highly polluting industries, the CEMENT MANUFACTURING SECTOR, into the more eco-friendly local production and into the CLOUD.


Mortar production consists of 98% inert material such as sand, and just 2% chemicals that add color or water proofing. Personal Factory ships only the additives making it possible for cement to be manufactured to order using locally sourced sand and gravel.  Its environmentally-friendly system causes 50% less CO2 generation compared to traditional systems and it seeks to achieve complete sustainability of the supply chain by 2030. Then Personal Factory provides through the CLOUD  the know-how, and a coded envelope containing the active ingredients for the cement mix as well as special coding with a wealth of data that can help customers become more efficient in their local production and sales.


Last year, Bridges to Italy, as official promoter of the UCLA Global Acces Program (GAP) for Southern Italy, through its partnership with the Premio Best Practices per l'Innovazione di Confindustria Salerno, identified Personal Factory as the ideal candidate to become the FIRST Southern Italian company to apply for the GAP Program. When the Tassone brothers learned about the GAP Program they recognized that it was a huge, cost-effective opportunity to set the right strategy to enter the US market and approach US investors with an investor-ready analysis to integrate to their business plan.  This way they could minimize risks and maximize their chances for a successful US market entry.

Last Summer, after Personal Factory was selected as one among the 54 worldwide GAP participating companies,  Luigi and Francesco Tassone came to Los Angeles to meet the team of five industry-experienced Fully Employed Executive MBA's who was assigned to their project and agree on the project guidelines. This week-end the Tassone brothers will be back in Los Angeles to attend the presentation of the final results of the strategic plan to enter the United States devised by their GAP team.

By Saturday, the five MBA's will have spent 2,000 hours evaluating Personal Factory products and doing market research for the company, and with the company to provide the insights and strategic recommendations to speed-up and facilitate its market entry.  This in-depth process included the use of UCLA's proprietary databases; over 100 personal interviews with industry leader, experts and potential customers; trade show visits and a direct evaluation of the company and its operations done by team members spending a few days in Italy.

According to former participating companies, one unique and valuable feature of the GAP Program is precisely attending the final presentation.   At this event the company owners watch the GAP team presenting the highlights of their findings in front of a panel of professors and Venture Capitalists who will likely ask them the same questions the company will have to answer when fundraising or looking for strategic partners in the United States.  And they may even end up finding their investors right there, among the panel members...

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