Southern Italy: Start-up of the Mind

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Pierpaolo Basso - Guest Blogger

Italy, as most European countries, is facing one of the toughest economic crisis of this period, with actual fear of being downgraded by the most relevant international rating agencies such as Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s.  Southern Italy, due to more complex problems and an even slower economy, is paying a higher cost for this crisis and is trying to improve its chances of restarting  through free and greatly available resources: the strength of ideas and creativity.

In March 2014, the Italian Ministery of Economic Development, released a document that  reports the impressive growth of new start ups in Italy, with positive results for the South of Italy and, specifically, the region of Campania (Capital city: Naples).  As cited in the document introduced by the Economic Development Minister ,Federica Guidi, since the beginning of the year, even if the South of Italy overall represents just 19 per cent of new Italian enterprises, there are  83 new start-ups from Campania, ready to compete for a place in the market.  Campania is in seventh place within Italy’s start-up ranking.  This region, especially in its main city Naples, is experiencing a real "Renaissance" of initiatives in the digital field, developing  innovative products and services.

In addition, recently, the Campania regional government has issued a 30 million Euro grant to support new start ups.  It is addressed to young innovators entrepreneurs under 35,  heading companies  with revenues below 4 million Euro.  Applications must be sent between May 29th and September 30th  of 2014.  A “fuel” to launch new initiatives for the new generations who don’t lack of ideas, but of economic basis to challenge the market.   For who might be interested,  here the official link for further details: REGIONE CAMPANIA

Among the Campania's start-ups, there are projects like VoluMeet, a new social platform that will allow people to meet new friends who like the same artists, but it is also a way to discover new bands, DJs, etc. or RYSTO S.R.L, to find jobs in the hospitality/catering industries.  If you want to know all of them, here is an accurate list, recently updated,  from the official register of enterprises  ITALIAN START UP LIST

A rebirth of  Southern Italy's economy can also be really useful to strengthen commercial ties, energy relations, and cooperation on immigration with North Africa, and make Italy a leader among European nations looking to invest in the post-revolutionary Maghreb.   The