Generation Startuppers: More Examples from Southern Italy

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On May 8th, another group of startuppers and projects lead the second session of the StartupNA conference dedicated to Naples' new enterprises.

Telecom Italia, a telecommunications multinational, introduced its new initiative Working Cap TelecomWcap will award 40 grants for 25,000 Euro each, for enterprises launching innovative projects in the internet, digital, mobile evolution and green fields.   In addition to the grant, the selected startups will have the opportunity to be in one of their accelerators.

When it was the turn of startupper pitches, Claudio Cimmelli, from iGoOn, which they define as digital hitchhiking, explained how his team is trying to “re-shape” the world of carpooling.  “Traffic, pollution and parking are the main issues linked to car driving.  We want to help our clients with an innovative carpool service, which follows you in real time and gives you the choice of paying online (most Italian providers currently prefer cash payments) and only for the miles driven." Statistics cited during the speech underline that 93% of cars in Italy , have just one person in the vehicle, and they cost on average 115 Euro per month.   This is way this startup targets this "slice" of market.  After the Beta version, iGoOn aims to being broadly available online very soon through a mobile app and their site 

Then it was Volumeet's turn to introduce itself.   This social network aims at connecting music fans, through continuous feedback and sharing.   Creating music collection and helping people with the same music taste get in touch with each other. The best contributors (tips, events,  details about an artist, etc.) will receive bonus points, like in the videogames.  Profits? Massimo Morgante, one of the developers, said that they will use focus Ads and they will create a marketplace which gives users the chance to sell memorabilia, giving a commission Volumeet. The investment they seek to raise for this project is 100,000 Euro.  Their site is called: