Get On Your Time Machine to Discover Ancient Pompeii

"Rebuild the ancient Pompeii. Clear pictures of archaeological ruins and discover the ancient comus  the splendid frescoes, the monumental temples of Pompeii  how they really were before the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD."

Pierpaolo Basso - Guest Blogger

This is the description of  Pompei touch a new app developed by the Neapolitan 3D and Web Designer Raffaele Gentiluomo.

The main idea behind Pompei Touch is to give users the chance to get into a time machine and go back to a time when the Roman Empire was great and invincible, and Pompeii was intact.

Consulting with several archaeologists, the developer Raffaele Gentiluomo, brought back to life the city of Pompeii, removing the cobwebs from its ruins and rebuilding that magnificent city the way it used to be 2,000 years ago.

His app is achieving great success in several countries: people from the United States, Russia, Israel, and even Australia are purchasing it.  Moreover, it is being used by Italian tour guides to make their tours more interactive: while tourists walk through the ruins of Pompeii, they can also see on a tablet how things used to be before Mt. Vesuvius erupted burying and destroying this city along with Herculaneum.

Gentiluomo has also been working with MAV (Archaeological Virtual Museum), on an important project aiming at giving Pompeii and Herculaneum's ruins new shapes and a stronger identity.  These two cities inside the Campania region are considered among the biggest missed chances to spur tourism in Southern Italy.

Recently, the British Museum exhibited some ancient pieces from Pompeii attracting tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world.  In the meanwhile, Italian newspapers were filled with tragic news about Pompeii and other art treasures falling apart (lack of controls, minimal investments, buildings collapsing and general neglect).  The contrast between what was happening in Italy with its art and monuments and what was being successfully done abroad (in London for Instance) by capable curators, was yet another sign that Italy seems unfit or unable to preserve and PROMOTE its heritage.

However, many young Italians like Gentiluomo are committed to work hard to improve the situation.   Pompei Touch as well as several similarly themed projects, have shown the ability to give ancient ruins a new life, bring more attention to their current state and attract new generations of tourists.  In fact, younger visitors who are digital natives, do not need to consult heavy historical books in order to explore Pompeii more in depth, they can simply visit and discover a fascinating, ancient culture while interacting with it through their smartphones or tablets.

Pompeii Touch is available for Apple  and Android devices.