Revolutionary Technology Pioneered by Calabrian Innovators

Indoor positioning technology If you ever watched the 2004 movie "Paranoia" you were probably intrigued by the revolutionary indoor geolocalization technology used by the actors for good and bad purposes.  Then it was something unimaginable, now it is a real innovation created by a team led by Gaetano D’Aquila at the University of Calabria.

Pierpaolo Basso - Guest Blogger

How does it work?

This brilliant innovation called GIPStech is based on a new geotracking technology that can locate an object moving indoors where the regular GPS does not work: an absolute innovation in the field of geo-localization. Imagine a tool that can track people or  things in indoor areas such as hospitals, hotels, airports, malls etc.

The technology works through any ordinary Smartphone which detects the user's dynamics and the conformation of the geomagnetic field of the place where the individual moves. This data is then combined and used to determine the user's location and map it. In the social tradition of most current innovations, GIPStech has the first user build the map of a new location which any following user can use, update and improve.


This is yet another example of how a great idea can overcome obstacles: GIPStech was born in Southern Italy, namely in Calabria, one of the poorest regions in the country.  Italian Angels have invested $250,000 so far in order to help the startup complete the development of the technological platform and test its effectiveness. In addition, the team won the Italian edition of the 2013 TechCrunch Award, an important acknowledgement from one of the most well-respected tech magazines in the world.