Metooo: Meet the Italian Answer to Eventbrite

metoooA Neapolitan startup aims at becoming one of the best digital platforms for planning meetings and events.  We are a talking about Metooo, an original idea by Ferdinando Caruso, CEO of the company, and Ciro Esposito, both of them entrepreneurs from Naples, Italy. Metooo has raised to date 60,000 euro to start and then an additional  450,000 euro from angel investors.

During the launch of Metooo's Beta version in the 2013, Ciro Esposito immediately highlighted the difference with similar sites such as the famous Eventbrite:  “Differently to what you can do on social network sites with so-called 'event pages', with Metooo you can sell  event tickets online, as well as coupons linked to restaurants or hotel promotions.  Metooo – Esposito added – is also fully integrated with traditional social network sites such as Facebook”.

Pierpaolo Basso - Guest Blogger

On this platform you can add a Youtube or Vimeo video or an audio track through SoundCloud.  Additionally, you can register people attending for free, especially for charity events and similar causes.  You can use it free of charge, or choose the Pro version which includes features dedicated to professional event planners.

For these founders, who began developing their project using public wi-fi connections (like McDonald’s) throughout Naples, the significance of their startup lays in its ability to promote total interaction between organizers and events' participants. Specifically, organizers can manage a Metooo page even from inside their own website, while modifying the layout whenever they want. At the same time, participants can boost the events with their own ideas and suggestions 'till the result is a combination of contributions from different stakeholders or, as they like to define it: "A balanced mix of  a onepage builder, social interaction, a mailing list service and a ticketing platform”.

The company's headquarters are in Naples, but Metooo will soon inaugurate a new location in London, UK.