Italian Startup Eager to Help L.A. Clean Up its Act

On September 16th, our valued partner PortTech Los Angeles, a public-private partnership dedicated to incubate and help commercialize sustainable technologies for ports and beyond, showcased the annual PortTechLA Pitch Competition open to the most exciting Cleantech startups from around the country and abroad.

At this premium event, Bridges to Italy's client"ISTECH Publisher of Technologies", has made its official debut in the vibrant Los Angeles Cleantech scene.

In the striking scenic Californian beauty of the Los Angeles Port, PortTechLA's Executive Director introduced ISTECH' highly innovative solution to the devastating effects of Los Angeles' air pollution.  He also delineated ISTECH's upcoming indoor and outdoor pilot projects in the Port of Los Angeles area to an audience formed by U.S. Greentech industry professionals and Cleantech investors.

"Southern California has the worst air quality in the country. Los Angeles is home to the largest port complex in the nation, which relies on diesel-powered ships, trains, and trucks to sustain its operations. Smog and diesel particulate matter pollution are linked to cancer, asthma, premature death and cardio-respiratory diseases. The elderly and children are the most vulnerable to these pollutants." (National Resources Defense Council)

This is why, Los Angeles is the perfect launching pad for a company such as ISTECH whose mission is to neutralize the deadly effects of air pollution.

In fact, ISTECH, an Italian company based in Rome and Tuscany, has developed a technology that can greatly reduce the effects of Los Angeles' air pollution on people.

ISTECH's proprietary technology protected by almost 20 patents, is called APA – AIR POLLUTION ABATEMENT - and it consists of effective, scalable and sustainable air cleaners for industry and the smart cities of tomorrow.

Traditional air cleaning systems work either by absorption (using active carbon) or accumulation (using filters). APA uses neither, in fact it is FILTER-LESS.

Traditional industrial or automotive anti-pollution systems act at the source of effluence, whereas APA cleaners purify the air in urban or industrial areas, creating circles of CLEAN AIR at the level of where people breathe regardless of the sources of pollution.

APA can work by itself, in networks or alongside traditional systems increasing their efficiency and lifecycle,  It abates a wide spectrum of pollutants, is very economical to use compared to traditional filters, creates no polluting refuse, and is effective indoors and outdoors.

We are looking forward to ISTECH's next Los Angeles' "TOUR" in October to further convey the benefits of APA machines and kick-off the implementation of its pilot projects under the auspices of the Consulate General of  Italy in Los Angeles, very active in facilitating the success of all Made in Italy in Los Angeles, and with the active support and collaboration of PortTechLA and Bridges to Italy.