The Italian Smartwatch for Enterprise

wearitWearIT at the beginning was a  smartwatch with the purpose of improving athletic performance.  Recently, Luna Rossa, the famous Italian sailing team, decided to use this device to implement its crew's performances and to improve the precision of its navigation data. Now the smartwatch creator, Si14,  a design and development lab for innovative technology products located in Padua, Italy, and in North America, signed an agreement with Pullsar, a brand of EXALTECH S.r.l, located in Latina, Italy, leader in augmented ecosystems that enable contextual intelligence for enterprise process management.  Thanks to this agreement there will be  a collaboration to equip supply chain customers with an enterprise version of WearIT in order to improve their quality assurance, operational efficiency and productivity.


The Pullsar platform solution supports pharma companies, manufacturers, logistics companies and other supply chain operators with “information in context”. By combining sensors, actuators and smart user interface devices with a powerful engine to analyze complex data, Pullsar delivers actionable intelligence in real time to the workforce through the smartwatch between the manufacturing floor and operations control.

This business use of wearabletech allows employees to gather working data through wi-fi and share it within the work environment for  continuous, hands-free feedback and collaboration.  This innovative platform lets enterprise operations and individuals all along the value chain know what is happening, where and when.


Andrea Tellatin, Si14's CEO, commented  “Our smartwatch collects information from the environment and enables hands-free interaction, via an intuitive user interface.  As a wearable device, our enterprise smartwatch accompanies workers wherever they go, providing a crowd-sourced view of operations, presented in the context of process and location. Our enterprise smartwatch collects relevant information and delivers it to the right people at the right time in the right location”.

“In this new era of the Internet of Things, businesses must rethink their operations and information management.  The systems and devices in this new interconnected world often cannot communicate with each other or they provide us data we are not prepared to use.  It is Pullsar’s vision to integrate wearable devices, sensors and other data sources into an ecosystem that delivers timely business intelligence to the right people at the right place,” added enthusiastically Pullsar CEO/CFO Raffaele Giuliano.


Pierpaolo Basso - Guest Blogger

Si14’s smartwatch for enterprise is based on the company’s WearIT Android-powered smartwatch which will be introduced for consumer sports and fitness markets in the first part of 2015.

The enterprise version of Si14’s smartwatch includes GPS and accelerometer sensors for motion measurement and data collection, a touch display for user interaction and real-time feedback at a glance, wireless communication for upload/download of data, and a unique system architecture for controlling both software and hardware input and output. It is also the only waterproof Android smartwatch, making it well-suited for certain industrial settings and field applications.