The latest startups Just in time for Christmas

NASTARTUP Southern Italy's technology is growing fast with numerous competitive startups being created constantly.  On December 17th 2014 the Riot, a club located in the historical centre of Naples, Italy, hosted a meeting organized by the accelerator NAStartup which introduced four new interesting projects.  Let’s take a look at their pitch presentations:

  • RUNTIMATE - Sports wearable technology is the most exciting trend of the year. Tommaso De Angeli introduced Runtimate a device that can track all sport activities, in every circumstance.  “In this field we compete with giants such as Runtastic, but with an essential difference” – De Angeli comments “Runtimate can track when you run, but it also tracks your other exercise activities such as doing abs or using weights.  Unlike Runtastic there is no need to buy any other app to monitor these additional tasks.” This startup in a few months has already raised 100,000 Euro. It might also help you monitor your health, a sector in great development. In fact, Si14, an Italian design and technology development lab which I wrote about some time ago, a few weeks ago announced that its D-EYE smartphone retinal screening system has won the Premio Applico-Oftalmologia 2014 Award and 100,000 Euro.  This is a phone-case-sized add-on that turns an iPhone, Android, Windows or other smartphone into a fundus camera capable of recording high definition video and still images of the eye. This smartphone device can examine, diagnose and grade a variety of diseases, ranging from diabetic retinopathy to glaucoma to cataracts and more.
  • MAMMA MENIA – When we read “mamma”, we immediately  think of the typical Italian family, where mamma stays at home and prepares dinner waiting for her husband and kids. This startup has a modern approach to mom's lives.  Mamma Menia is an interesting idea of Menia Cutrupi, an engineer from Reggio Calabria, Italy, which left her job to commit full time to this project, created for the working women with a family.  “Every day moms have very busy schedules, so I thought to reward them with a “cuddle package”, which includes several services, and even babysitting for when they need a relaxing break”.   Cutrupi is looking for funding and she is interested in creating an app for her idea very soon.
  •  TUKU TUKU – This project is related to another sector in full expansion: domotics.  We are talking about a system that lets you control remotely and program home appliances such as oven, fridge, dishwasher, through a brand new technology.  Antonio Picone, explainend the difference between this device and the other ones on the market.  “The biggest problem with this type of applications is the general perception that the software is not as “intuitive” as it should be.  My application – Picone said – can detect the inner temperature of the home and start the air conditioning.  Or it can switch off a device if there are others in activity, because it can monitor the house's energy consumption and help on saving”.  Tuku Tuku is also targeting software enterprises looking to control their activities  with a smartphone.
  • LATOKUE - The name comes from “La toque blanche”, wich represents the typical chef’s hat.  So, as you can imagine, we are talking about food, or more specifically, about high-level catering.   Domenico Catapano and Pasquale Simonetti introduced this work in progress service which will help people organize events and meeting.  “It doesn’t matter if it is a breakfast, lunch or dinner, – they explained - the important thing is that you give us the necessary info, such as number of guests, type of food, timing etc.   Through Latokue we will give you a chef, expert in your specific type of request.  The chef will buy the food and cook it for you, within your budget.  The average price per guest right now is 75 euro".