Here Is What the Modern L.A. Investor Looks Like

Disney Hall, Downtown Los Angeles Los Angeles has had its good share of startup success stories lately from Oculus to Snapchat and more to come.  In a short period of time from startup cemetery L.A. has become a vibrant hotbed for new and expanding tech companies.  Silicon Beach now extends from Santa Monica to Santa Barbara and South to Venice Beach, Playa del Rey and beyond.

Investors large and small, famous and unknown, are taking notice: GOOGLE just bought 12 acres in PLAYA VISTA, Richard Branson announced that he will move its Virgin Galactic rocket company to Long Beach closer to SpaceX; while Hollywood celebrities are passing on some of the more traditional real estate investments to become part of the local startup community as investors as well as gurus (i.e. ASHTON KUTCHER and JESSICA ALBA) founders or co-founders.

But, as in everything it does, when L.A. gets involved it has to make an impact in more than one way: in the startup investment community it is looking to globalize and democratize the investment process.  Many advocates are starting to reach out to LA's hundreds of thousands of wealthy residents who can become online investors in tech companies and add at least $5 Billion to the funding available to LA-based and US startups.  In my recent PULSE post I describe in more detail the LA investor ecosystem "WHAT DOES THE MODERN L.A. INVESTOR LOOK LIKE?"