L.A. Disruptive

lacma-638670_1280The Los Angeles Metropolitan Area is the largest in the nation with 18 million inhabitants and a very diverse economy.  Some of its  leading sectors are ready for DISRUPTION, from healthcare (Los Angeles has more than 700,000 people at work in health services/biomedical activities) to fashion (second in the nation after New York), from agriculture (multi-billion dollar sector facing huge water issues) to Fast Food, Real Estate, Law, etc. etc. In my my latest Linkedin Pulse post "GOT DISRUPTION? COME TO L.A." I talk about three LARGE sectors trapped in OLD paradigms, where DISRUPTION could dramatically lower their costs, reduce inefficiencies and greatly improve "user"experience.

In particular, I touch on the opportunities offered by the Los Angeles City Government, currently led by  visionary Mayor Eric Garcetti, who is looking into expanding the role of technology to improve citizens' experience, streamline services and making the system more cost effective.

Then I explain how the city's vibrant job market could also benefit from innovation in order to make job search and hiring procedures less time consuming and less costly while improving matching results for both candidates and employers.

Finally, L.A.'s higher education market, comprising of over 100 institutions, would welcome DISRUPTION through edtech solutions to improve outcome and help students acquire the necessary skills to greatly benefit from the opportunities provided by the fast-paced global information economy.