L.A. Women in Tech: a Rising Ecosystem

Last week, just ahead of International Women's Day, I attended the Digital Women conference at the new Cross Campus in Pasadena.  It was very refreshing to see so many women attendees (over 300) and such a large number of highly qualified women speakers.  In my post on Linkedin Pulse "LESSON LEARNED AT DIGITAL WOMEN CONFERENCE IN L.A." I go into details about how Los Angeles is becoming a welcoming community for women-owned startups.

The reasons are founded on L.A. itself.  Here even if you are a woman in tech you are not limited to hanging out with technologists with a narrow view of the world, all living within 50 square miles.  

Los Angeles is BIG as well as geographically and ethnically diverse.  The city is obviously prime for entertainment startups which can get support from many celebrities and executives in music, media and distribution, many of them also women.  Women in Los Angeles can also create startups based on the city's assets such as a thriving outdoor community, a cutting-edge fashion industry, plenty of creative and tech talent, just to name a few.

So, if you are a Woman while being a Geek, try out L.A. where you don't have to hide your feminine side!