Startups Pitch in a Medieval Church

Pierpaolo Basso - Blogger

Only in Italy a church could have been chosen to introduce new startups and host a crowdfunding course too. The  Sant’Aniello a Caponapoli church – an archeological Neapolitan site dating back to the 6th Century – was chosen by NaStartup, the growing community for Southern Italian startups, to host its latest event.  Organizers partnered with Legambiente, the main Italian environmental organization, in this occasion.

The event included a lecture on how to do crowdfunding directed at students and entrepreneurs. The main theme was the promotion of the “Digital Culture” run by Federico Lauria, Peppe Lauro and Margherita Cittadino from

Then, a group of innovators pitched their startups, among them:

Paisà - A platform that sells "packages of experiences" to tourists and residents who want to discover local traditions. The idea comes from  CLab student (Lab Contamination), Anna di Paolo, and the slogan is "Living as the protagonist of local traditions".  Workshop organized by the local community, encourage anyone to get to know and treasure culture and customs in a creative and original way.  Another example of the sharing economy.

HouseTravelling -  A portal that connects travelers looking for alternatives to hotel stays, and homeowners. "House Travelling  - said Fulvia Irace who is the CEO - responds to this new trend of world tourism giving travelers the opportunity to book accommodations (a house, a villa, a room in an apartment, etc.) with the same ease and confidence with which they book a hotel."  The main competitor is, of course, Airbnb.

Class-it -  This platform aims at improving the quality of student learning. Class-it is a mobile application that lets users create a virtual classroom for a specific course, allowing the exchange of content not only during class but also afterwards.  It creates a virtual place where students can interact by exchanging questions and insights among themselves and with their teachers.  In the works is the introduction of a moderator to control content reliability.  The app is free, the founders revenue is based on content updates that students can buy after registering.

Allinwall -    "Through a combined hardware and software device - says founder Francesco Ippoliti - we invented walls that emit colored lights with manageable intensity, heat, music and/or fragrances". Everything is installed in a few hours. Ideal to create a relaxing environment in bedrooms, living rooms and other areas as well as in  hotels and SPA's.  The price of this product,  which was very well received by the audience, starts at 1,000 euro, depending on size.

Finally, we are giving a special SHOUT-OUT to to Sissa Verde from LULLABEAT which connects live music to fans.   During Startup Weekend in Naples, she Tweeted:

@bridges2italy Let's Build A #Bridge between #SiliconValley #SiliconBeach and my #italian #Startup #lullabeat :D