Italian Enterprises Become Digital

The General Confederation of Italian Industries in Naples, hosted a one day meeting titled “The

Pierpaolo Basso - Blogger

Digital Future Is Now. Get to Know It Better”. This was an opportunity to present DigitaXP , a new project promoted by S+Ph Comunicazione along with IWA (international Web Association) and Assocom, aiming at  strengthening collaborations among companies and digital professionals who can help them enter the digital era.

Following the keynote by Confederation's President, Ambrogio Prezioso, the first speaker was Professor Quirino Picone, web marketing advisor at the University Suor Orsola Benincasa of Naples, the only one in the city which offers a Master in Journalism.

Roberto Scano, President of IWA , introduced the brand new Resume for IT professionals, based on over 25 standard definitions from the web era (web specialist, wikipedian[!], reputation manager etc. etc.).  These terms are helpful to write a modern resume, easily identified by recruitment platforms, here the complete list: Web skill profiles.

Speakers discussed a range of topics among which the mobile impact on consumers habits caught great attention.  For instance: Italian people are less likely to buy online during the weekend. Whereas, according to research, Monday and Tuesday are peak days for online shopping. Additionally, in Italy,  online gaming and betting are number one among e-commerce activities; while food and wine, for example, represent only 1.2% of total online sales.  The e-commerce leader is Ebay, and mobile shopping, from which Ebay already gets 10% of its revenues, is growing exponentially.  Most of the data came from Audiweb-Nielsen and Casaleggio-Associati ,and it is critical for those companies interested in implementing e-commerce solutions.

Finally, it was very well received the ongoing debate on how traditional journalism is trying to cope with online news, especially now that Facebook is beginning a brand new era of collaboration with traditional media, hosting feeds from news outlets such as the New York Times.