Why I Bought an Electric Bike and You Should Buy One Too.



In Los Angeles we are so immersed in car culture that we find it hard to believe that an e-bike can do for us what a car can.

Also, I must admit that for the longest time I felt riding an e-bike was cheating, so I used to haul my regular bike in my car to go down to the beach. Since I live on top of a hill and, once I get down, I do not have the stamina to ride back up, I needed the car.

However, like many other lucky Californians, I am feeling increasingly strongly about the importance of supporting energy savings and clean technologies.  In fact, we are well aware that to support our wonderful lifestyle, oil extraction around the world is destroying environments and communities.

Let's take one region as an example: the Niger Delta.   Once a very diverse and rich ecosystem, now, after millions of barrels of oil being spilled and badly cleaned up over the years, the consequences to the environment are disastrous.  Crops are decimated, the population suffers from severe health issues, fish is mostly gone, etc.

So, when last year I attended a tech event organized by REACH and I got a discount coupon for electrobikes.com, I decided to check it out.  Here is what I liked about it:

  1. The bikes colors and design are top-notch, and as an Italian I am pretty finicky about this stuff.
  2. Even the small model I ended up buying (called BETA+) has enough power to go up any steep hill, and the battery lasts for many hours-long rides;
  3. Electrobike is a MEXICO-USA startup located in Venice, CA and Mexico City, something I'd like to see much more of and support as we keep growing our global startup communities.

Now, here are the reasons why YOU SHOULD GET AN E-BIKE ASAP:

REASON #1 :  electrobike.com has a 40%-50% CRAZY SALE + an EXTRA $25 OFF if you use Promo Code bridges2italy. Having said that: HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

REASON #2: HEALTH BENEFITS. Since I got the e-bike I do not use my car for most short to medium trips to the market, neighbors, local events and the beach, of course. I use pedal assist to go up steep hills but, since I can calibrate the power, I still make sure I get enough resistance to burn plenty of calories.

REASON #3 ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS: Charging an e-bike generally costs a few cents and if you decide to get an e-bike to replace your car completely, "the e-bike offsets 1,550 grams of globe-warming hydrocarbons; 1,460 grams of carbon monoxide; and 770 grams of nitrogen oxides for every 500 miles ridden."

REASON #4 URBAN COMMUTING MADE EASIER: The model I own (BETA+) folds and fits easily in the trunk of a car.  I can see students as well as urban commuters of any kind using a mix of this e-bike and UBER or UBERPool for instance, to ride across a spread out city such as L.A. without having to own a car.